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The Grumpy Dads

The Grumpy Dads


Meet Chris & Duncan, two normal guys who were bored & Grumpy who crossed paths on Twitter, Duncan had put out a tweet asking if anybody wanted to collaborate on Youtube? Chris answered the call & after talking on Twitter, WhatsApp & spending hours on Zoom the idea for the podcast was born!

Both Duncan & Chris are SEND parents, fathers of two each with one, with a form of autism, they are passionate about all things SEND, Duncan was running his PDA DAD UK Youtube channel & his Facebook group, Chris was also running the SEN-sational Youtube channel & is in the SEN-sational Facebook group.

Both recognised that life doesn’t end at SEND, some of us fall into a disastrous routine that just revolves around taking care of our loved ones & not taking the downtime we need when it becomes available, we want to laugh, meet, talk & find out what peoples interests were before.

The podcast is delving into peoples interests, their lives before & during SEND, their achievements, their goals, their aspirations & most of all to bring back fun into all our lives.

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