Laura McConnell

2021 really has started off with a bang for the podcast guest list & Laura coming on just adds rocket fuel to an already impressive line up, we openly admit we can’t keep up with some of our guests, their achievements are just incredible & what’s amazing is they don’t stop, they keep going & going, Laura falls under the Duracell bunny category, a speaker, a writer, a radio host, SEND UK, founder & advisor on so many supportive projects, she really does put our energy levels to shame.

What’s truly amazing though is Laura’s personality, if we took on just a fraction of what she has achieved, we’d be a very grouchy mess but Laura has time for anyone & everyone, her bubbly & funny personality is infectious, her knowledge is great, her smile & laugh draws you in, this was a privilege to have her on the show.


Teacher Hug Radio



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