The man, the myth, the legend, 50% of The Grumpy Dads presenting team & a beard that rivals Zeus, it’s Duncan (aka PDA DAD UK).

We all got together on The Grumpy Dads team because we wanted delve into the lighter side of SEND, we live each day, in realtime a selfless life, before mostly our down time was snapped up supporting others but one of us was creating a supersized network & a an extremely informative Youtube channel…you may have guessed it…Duncan!

From the PDA DAD UK Youtube channel (click here) to his super sized supportive network for all things SEND on Facebook (click here) he was already going above & beyond, not only showing SEND individuals that they aren’t alone but then releasing some of the most informative videos to grace Youtube, from PDA to ADHD, from stimming to masking…he’s got you covered.




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